Tuesday, 28 August 2012

How life changes..

Ive always wanted to be a mum, and I had always hoped id become one quite young (22 was the age I invisioned id fall pregnant). But i never would have imagined having a baby and 1 on the way by the age of 22! Im writing this post as its that time of year when everyones off on their holidays and I remember afew years ago that that was my life.

2 years on and my life couldnt be anymore different, and I can honestly say I wouldnt change it for the world! I feel so unbelieveably lucky. Kieren is amazing and I honestly dont know what I wold do without him and hes taken to fatherhood like a duck to water! Watching him and Jayden together melts my heart! We are both so lucky to have such supporting families and friends, theres just so much love from everywhere around us, we are extremiley lucky and I try not to take it for granted.

I dont miss 'the party lifestyle' atall and as much as id love to go on holiday, I want a little family one, must get saving, maybe 2014 :)


The last thing I thought id be saying is 'Baby number 2 is a GIRL!' and I still cant believe it, I really felt like I was going to have all boys and had even started to plan out little matching outfits for 'him' and Jayden.

At the ultrasound our sonographer kept us in suspense for ages and decided to look at the babies sex last! I couldnt stop smiling as she checked baby over and said everything was ok :) compared to our 20 week scan with Jayden this one was much more thorough and she made me feel really comfortable.

Im so unbelieveably happy to be having a girl, but I honestly wouldnt have minded it being a boy. I plan to have atleast 1 more baby (not anytime soon though) so I wouldnt have been disappointed atall, but atleast now if im unable to have kids for any reason in the future I will have one of each. Im so excited to learn all the new things that come with having a girl.

Weve already been shopping for our girl and Kieren had to constantly remind me we were having a girl as I auyomatically went to the boys section lol.

Im going to have my hands full with the 2 of them and I imagine i'll have even less sleep but its amazing what us mummies can cope with. Theres still so much to plan and get ready but im loving being pregnant and it still amazes me how our bodies can grow a little person inside!! Arent us women just incredible?